Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7 months!

Dear Kate and Riley,
So I might be a week and a half late on this one but better late than never! Brady has found a little bit of a personality and a little bit of a temper this month! He is too funny as separation anxiety has hit and he does NOT like mom out of his sight and can express it VERY loudly! Whenever I set him down or leave the room he is sure to make his displeasure known. But big brother is a good distraction and with him around I can usually still get a few things done. Zach and Brady are best buds lately, I think as Brady grows, can sit and likes toys more, reacts more, etc. Zach has shown a much greater interest in him. Sometimes to Brady's detriment as Zach thinks that Brady is ready for wrestling matches and roughhousing. "Please don't SIT on your brother" is a line I find myself using almost daily. Brady wants whatever Zach has at the moment and I don't think Zach knows what's coming as soon as this kid can move a little better.

This month Brady--
-can sit very steady, rarely falls over except when he decides he wants to reach something
-can roll to most any destination he chooses
-can scoot backwards quite a bit and lately has gotten a little forward momentum
-has really taken to eating but is kind of picky! He loves any fruit but is not a big fan of most veggies although I can get him to eat almost anything but green beans
-is on a pretty regular nap schedule (finally!)
-after a little "encouragement" which involved moving Zach temporarily into our room, is FINALLY sleeping through the night (yay!) he still wants to wake up at 5 am but we're working on moving that to at least 6 (which is why Zach is still in our room, boo)
-seems to be finally growing a little. He gained 1/2 a pound in a month and the doctors seemed satisfied, he is finally up to size 3 diapers and fitting into more 6-12 month clothes although he can still wear most 3-6 month and even some 0-3 month! He's still a little guy.
-has decided he hates the carseat, you should see him arch his back and scream when I try to put him in!
-despite his "mom" issues is overall a happy baby still and we love him SO much. I love that Zach is loving him so much lately, he never lets me go get him out of the crib without wanting to come with and he leans over the crib and yells "BRADERATOR!" and he's always concerned about where Brady is or if Brady is crying. Its so much fun.


This one morning Zach made he and Brady a "house" (all the pillows piled around) and then brought out almost all of his cars and trains to "share". He kept telling me "mom! I'm sharing with Brady!" it was so cute and Brady loved it.

Brady with everything Zach decided to share with him. Please excuse Phineas and Ferb in the background, Zach had a slight obsession this summer.

Hanging out at the pool eating goggles

Because he often bathes with Zach he now thinks that sitting is the only way to go. I seriously made Zach lay down in the bathtub until he was almost 1! I can't believe Brady already insists on sitting, its a little scary since he has a tendency to try to reach things and then fall in face first. But he doesn't seem to mind and I'm always right there.

He LOVES taking a bath with Zach. And Zach doesn't seem to mind that I'll only put in like an inch of water! I wish I had gotten this picture straight on, Zach was making him laugh so hard that day.