Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Santa Train

Dear Kate and Riley,
Another fun tradition leading up to Christmas is the Santa Train. The rain almost derailed our plans, it just wouldn't let up! Zach reminded me almost daily that he needed to ride the train so he could tell Santa that he wanted Cranky the Crane, Tidmouth Sheds and Hiro of the Railways (all Thomas the Train items). I loved that he very specifically wanted those three things and he was consistent through the whole season. He was a little nervous to see Santa and I'm sure that Santa didn't understand a word he said but I could tell he was relieved to have gotten a chance to actually voice his wishes.

I thought Brady might still be too young to be scared of Santa, but I was wrong. He took one look at him and started crying so I didn't force the issue. I am guessing we'll have at least one other bad Santa year before he starts to "get" it like Zach does.

After the train, we took the kids to Benihana's. Growing up we always went to a "nice" restaurant for Christmas eve and even though it wasn't quite Christmas eve we decided this might be the closest we could get to a "nice" restaurant and not be embarrassed by our kids. Zach really liked it and still talks about the restaurant where the guy threw knives (I don't think any knives were actually THROWN but that's how he remembers it!).

Brady, Annie, Zach and Will (and Nate doing daddy duty)
on the train ready to go!

SO anxious to see Santa!

They wanted to sit together and I was surprised at how serious they were, these boys had business to take care of!

Brady-- who the heck is this!?

Get me away from this crazy! (even Zach was over it at this point)

After the train they did the bounce house and played some games where everyone wins a prize. They got to choose a very obnoxious blow up toy and they both immediately gave their toys silly names and then started riding them! They were laughing so hard, these two think they are hilarious.


This kid was a trooper, missed his nap, up past bed time and just hung out during dinner!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boat Parade 2010

Dear Kate and Riley,

In December we headed out to Newport for the Boat Parade. I didn't really want to go since last year we sat in traffic forever, walked about 3 miles (I was 8 months pregnant) and got there in time to see a grand total of zero boats. This year, though, the Carlsons had a plan. We parked at Newport High school and took a shuttle bus to the Balboa Bay Club. We sat in ZERO traffic, walked about 20 steps, sat on chairs set out on the beach, sipped glorious hot chocolate and had a prime seat to see EVERY boat (and we were just in time, got there about 5 min before the boats started passing). It was SO much fun! And who knew that to the boys, the shuttle bus was going to be the most exciting part of the evening! Zach talked about that shuttle bus for at least a week after.

All 4 kids on the bus, I have about 20 shots of this and this is the closest I got to all of them looking!

Best buds. Nicole said that if one of us moves we better keep in touch so that some day our kids don't look back on pictures and say "Mom why is this random kid in every picture with me?"

Brady all bundled up, he looks a little scared!

The coat was too big the hat too small but when you live here, you take what you get, we don't buy winter clothes!

Chillin' on the bus

Sleepy boy


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Fun-- Preschool party

Dear Kate and Riley,
I will catch, up I will!
I don't want to forget Thanksgiving. It did happen and I did NOT take any pictures! Poor Brady what a shabby job I've done of covering his firsts. We went down to Uncle Adam's house, had a wonderful fun, relaxing weekend and ate way too much good food.

Then we kicked off our Christmas fun with a little preschool party. The kids sang "Christmas Bells" which was really cute and did a little book exchange.