Sunday, March 21, 2010

6 weeks and lots of firsts

Dear Kate and Riley,
The weeks are flying by over here. We are really adjusting and getting into our groove. Brady is sleeping pretty well most nights. Mom is trying to get back into shape, we got a double joggger and have gone running a couple times.

At his 6 week checkup Brady was 10 lbs 14 oz and 21 in, so short and chunky, just how I like him. He's so opposite of Zachary. We have seen some pretty cute smiles but he's still a little stingy with them.

We got a nice little heat wave here, my favorite thing that sometimes happens in March so we got to let Brady have a lot of firsts. First day at the beach, first night at Disneyland and first visit down to Uncle Adam's in San Diego. We had a busy week! For Brady, the days are all pretty much the same and as determined as I am to take more pictures, Brady sleeping in the front pack in 20 different places just doesn't seem that exciting!

First beach day. Basking in the sun. He really spent 99% of the time under the umbrella with a paranoid mom trying to keep every ray off of that lily white skin!

Zach even braved the water!

And contemplated life

First Disneyland Trip
See, he's not always asleep
(why is blogger underlining this for no reason!?)

The boys intently watching the parade

Zach's lollipop which was the highlight of his night. We didn't tell him that mom was holding it later and it stuck to some passing man's pants. I really considered chasing after the man and asking for the lollipop that was stuck to his pants but decided against it.

Uncle Adam's House
We headed down to San Diego to watch some basketball on the big TV but it ended up being a PERFECT day so Zach and I spent our time out by the pool. I think everyone was 100% happy--Zach and I by the pool, Brady sleeping on Dad while watching basketball.
Zach loved watching the big boys jump in to the pool off the rocks. He decided to try to copy them in the shallow end. Thankfully, he had a watchful cousin, Maddie to help him make his big jumps.

Zach spent about an hour pouring water into the buckets and cups

Brady and Dad joined us when it cooled off a little. Brady learned the fine art of hanging out by the pool drinking Diet Coke, my kind of Saturday.

Brady and Dad watching some pretty sad basketball

Much to Dad's displeasure, Zach got a manicure AND pedicure from Maddie

He was very pleased with himself and was pretty upset when I took it off before church (I left it on his toes though-- don't tell dad!)


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Brady--One Month!

Dear Kate and Riley,
I can't belive a month has passed. It went SO fast. Brady is already looking different and getting so big.

At one month Brady--
  • loves to EAT and screams like you wouldn't believe if I try to hold him off at all
  • is really awake for a few hours every morning and a few hours every evening, otherwise he mostly still sleeps
  • is starting to track things and people with his eyes--especially his big brother
  • is sleeping a little better at night but still wakes to eat every 2-3 hours. No long stretches yet (except the occasional fluke)
  • is outgrowing his newborn size clothes and has moved up to size one diapers
  • is turning into a big spitter-upper like big brother Zach was
  • hates the carseat and screams most of the time he is in the car
  • loves to sleep on his side
  • has a mullet of baby hair we hope will fall out!

Not a big fan of tummy time

Very big fan of the front pack

often the victim of a little too much love from big brother

check out the hair-- business in the front...

party in the back!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Poor Brady

Dear Kate and Riley,
Poor Brady gets no attention, I don't sit at home all day taking pictures of him like I did of Zach, the poor kid is going to wonder if we loved him! We do, very much but its a little different this time around. Zach keeps us busy and poor Brady spends a LOT of time in his swing, bouncer and car seat. He's pretty easy going and only demands to be held a few times a day (and a lot at night). But I didn't want more time to pass without some kind of update. Here are some pictures from his first week home, while Grandma Janice was still here and I actually thought to get the camera out more. I can't believe he's almost a month old and I promise to do better about taking pictures of him (or at least try to do better!)

Sleeping in the bouncer, what he does a lot of the day! He's a side sleeper and doesn't like to be swaddled, such a change from Zachary I almost didn't know what to do with him! I kept trying to swaddle him and he kept screaming like we were trying to kill him, well ok, fine then!

First bath in the baby bath. Unfortunately this kid gets bathed MUCH less often than Zachary did but my excuse is that his skin is dry and its probably not good for him!

Grandma Janice made sure the tradition of Valentine's sugar cookies didn't go unfulfilled and mom made sure my love of frosting and cookies didn't go unfulfilled! Zach was eating them as fast as we could frost them.

Grandma Janice also revived an old tradition that I had kind of forgotten about-- doorbell ditching valentine's at the front door. Zach loved it (especially because it included presents for him!) Zach got a dump truck and Brady got a monkey (you can tell Brady was REALLY excited about his present!).