Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ragnar Relay

Dear Kate and Riley,
This weekend I did one of the craziest things I've ever done! I ran a relay race from Santa Barbara to Dana Point. We had a team of 12 girls, 2 15 passenger vans and 24 hours to get there. Each of us ran 3 legs ranging from 3-10 miles in length. Sleeping was really not part of the plan. We got breaks while the others ran but that time also included navigating to the next exchange point, cheering on our runners, etc. I did not sleep for even one minute.

Although we had TONS of fun, I mean you can't go wrong with 6 crazy girls in a van, lots of old school music and sleep deprived silliness, it was also really tough. The people who planned the race had apparently never been to California since they had us running through some of the scariest parts of LA and Long Beach in the middle of the night! We had a few scary run ins but everyone survived and despite the things that made us temporarily miserable, we had a good time over all. In fact, I'd do it again in a heart beat!

Our Van, Moka, Mia, me, Sara, Sadie and Tara, this was after a good night's sleep and when we had no idea what we were getting in to!

Finishing my first leg and handing off the "baton" (slap bracelet!)

Me and Moka after our first leg

We all had a little break in the evening in Santa Monica so we piled in to one van and headed to a classy establishment for dinner...

Denny's which I blame for the "gastro intestinal" issues that many of us experienced later (seriously who eats Denny's in the middle of a race!?)

Rachel and I before our 2nd leg, this one was hardest for me at 2 am!

Last leg for me in Long Beach and you can tell I was OVER it!

Our team was the "hormonal hotties" (credit goes to Moka for the name) we finished with shirts that said "Baby on Board" and stuffed our bellies to look pregnant.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter-- part 2 Zachary style

Dear Kate and Riley,
I told you we had a lot of Easter festivities this year! I am going to try to condense them into one post.
Friday we got started with Zachary's first Easter egg hunt. I had him practice at home (yes, seriously) but I knew he'd be one of the youngest and I wanted him to know what he was doing! He did great although most of the eggs he got had already had the candy eaten out of them by the bigger kids, I don't even think he understood that there was supposed to be candy in them.

Saturday we had egg hunt #2 with the ward. He knew exactly what to do and had a great time (and Dad had a great time raiding his loot later on).

On Sunday the Easter bunny came and brought Zachary some hot wheels a "mo-mo" (motorcycle) and some coloring books. He also got candy but I think Dad is the only one who got to eat it. Zach refused to eat breakfast and dinner on Sunday, I think all that he had all day was candy and half a hot dog (hey you win some you lose some). I got to make a big Easter feast and we had some friends over to share it with us, we had a great time! Now if only I could get rid of the rest of this candy!
Sorry for the picture overload, there were so many cute ones!

First egg hunt

Checking out his loot

Don't mess with us, we're eating jelly beans!

Hunt #2, checking out the loot with Will and the dads

Mmmm, beans

The "mo-mo"

I wasn't trying to be artistic, it just happened to be the best picture and dad just happened to be in the background!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Dear Kate and Riley,

I think that this year Easter is going to require a few different posts. We have had a lot of Easter festivities this year. But today I want to stick with the important things. You know that I love Easter because we get to celebrate the act that will bring us back together some day. We get a chance to really focus on Christ, his atonement and resurrection and the promise that gives us of another chance, another life and an eternal family. I cannot wait for the day that I see you again and can hold you in my arms. I know Jesus lives. I know He died for us and rose again. I know that through Him and the ordinances of His true and living church we will be together as a family forever. Easter makes me want to be better, to live up to my end of the covenants I have made and to make sure I raise your brother so that he can have the testimony that I do. I love you, I can only imagine the celebrations of joy that must happen in heaven on a special day like today. Yesterday at the cemetery there were two new graves, one right next to yours and my heart ached. I hope that those parents can find the truth and the peace that a testimony of Christ and His church can bring to them. It made me realize that I need to share my testimony more often.
I love you girls. I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

All Aboard!

Dear Kate and Riley,
We had a great little adventure today. Zach, his friend Jack and the moms decided to take a little trip on the train. We took the train from San Juan Capistrano to Solana Beach, walked around for a while, met some friends for lunch and went home! It was Zach and Jack's first time on a train and they were both so excited. It was great on the train because it was pretty empty and the boys could have their own seats and be loud without really bugging anyone. Zach was SO tired by the end of the day that he slept most of the train ride home. It was a fun little adventure and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

By the ticket place there was an old fashioned train, of course Zach loved "steering"

I was excited about this picture all day, he was actually looking at me!

Zach and Jack waiting for the train. Jack was SO cute with his backpack all day which he called his "rescue pack" (he's really into Diego).

Well behaved passengers (I love Zach's arm on the arm rest)

Loving the views, the train goes right along the coast, I wish you could see what they were looking at, the ocean was beautiful today. (of course Zach was screaming-- WA WA!)