Friday, October 31, 2008


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Monday, October 20, 2008

29... Again

Dear Kate and Riley,
Well, it happened. Whether I wanted it to or not, I knew that all of this counting down to your brother's birthday was going to lead very quickly to another birthday. And I'd officially like to call it my second 29th birthday.

It wasn't as bad as I thought. The day of was pretty uneventful, our friends watched Zach while we went out to dinner which was fun, I really cherish being able to eat a meal in peace these days! Then the next day Dad took a half day off work and we headed out to Palm Springs for the weekend. It was fun even though we had a pretty NOT fun 4:30 am fire alarm at our hotel. We spent an hour outside and were let back into our rooms around 5:30. I thought that for sure after being awake for an hour in the middle of the night Zach would sleep in but no such luck, he was up at 7:30. We did luck out the next day though and he slept until almost 9!

We stayed at the Renaissance which we had never stayed at before but it was fun and nice. I loved that they had a kiddie pool just the right size for Zach and they had a "beach" at one end of the pool with sand and stuff (although I thought it was funny that we would drive out to Palm Springs to be at the "beach"!). We ate lots (too much) of yummy food, I went shopping all by myself (heaven) and we went to the Children's Museum which was also really fun. It was a great weekend and I didn't want it to end. Zach is so much fun to be out and about with, I love that he gets so excited over things. I felt like he knew he was on vacation and was just excited and fun the whole time.

Lovin' the kiddie pool and all the free plastic cups he could destroy

Checking out the water fall

We went out to dinner and there was live music outside. Zach danced and EVERYONE watched! He's such a ham. Another proof of Daddy's looks, mommy's personality!

Children's museum
I wanted proof I was there, even if I am making a funny face.

Zach's favorite thing at the museum, a big magnetic wall with tins on it that he could take off and put back on. Over, and over, and over. I think he might have stayed there all day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Zachary!

Dear Zachary,
I don't think your sisters will mind if this one goes out to you...

I can't believe that a year has passed. I don't know where the time has gone but I like to think that I have cherished every moment of it. Zachary, you brought light and hope back into our lives during our darkest hour. You gave us a reason to press forward. You helped to fill the hole in our hearts and the great void in our arms. You taught us that we would feel joy again, true, deep and sincere joy. You showed me a whole different side of your dad, you helped me to fulfill my greatest dream. From that first high pitched scream that will forever be burned into my memory as the sweetest sound that I've ever heard you had my heart. Through the ups and downs of that scary scary pregnancy you showed me to have faith again. Never a day goes by that I don't thank Heavenly Father for entrusting us with your precious spirit here on earth. You teach me something new every day and nothing makes me happy like your fully belly head thrown back laugh or your chubby little arms around me. You will always be our rainbow baby, the promise that we received through the clouds. You will always have your precious angel sisters watching over you and two parents who couldn't be more grateful to have you in our lives. We love you chubby bunny.


One year stats:
Walking, jabbering non stop, saying "uh-oh", making monkey sounds, loving books and cars and climbing on EVERYTHING and anything, asserting independence, picky eater, great sleeper and all around cutie.

Zach and Addie shared a party on Saturday with a few freinds

Mmmmm.... cake

Friday, October 10, 2008

San Diego Zoo AND Sea World!

Dear Kate and Riley,
What a week! Our friends who had the great Disneyland tickets had also scored free tickets to the zoo and Sea World! They all had to be used by today though so we had a busy week. The dads couldn't go so we got a few other moms together and headed down to San Diego TWICE for different adventures.

I love the San Diego Zoo. It is probably one of my favorite places. We grew up with passes so we got to go a lot. If we lived closer I think I would get passes and take Zach once a week, I really love it that much. My favorite things are the monkeys. I knew Zach would love them too since he is really in to monkeys right now. I was right. He liked the monkeys a lot. He also really liked the elephants. It was a HOT day (around 95!) so it was a little uncomfortable but I'm glad we got to go.

Sea World was more fun than I thought. I didn't know if Zach would like any of it because I knew he wouldn't like to sit through shows and I wasn't sure what else there was to do. I was surprised that this was probably the place that ended up being the most fun for him. He liked the tanks where he could see the dolphins swimming around. He LOVED the aquarium. He just grunted in excitement the WHOLE time we were inside, he loved being right up against the glass and watching the fish. He also loved the splash park playground thing. I made the mistake of thinking he wouldn't get too wet so I just left him in his onesie instead of putting on his swimming suit. Well, you'll see from the pictures that I was wrong, he totally got soaked! But he loved it so that was ok by me.

Zach has been totally spoiled on his birthday week, too bad he won't even remember. It could be a long time before we get to do all the fun things we did this week again. He still has his birthday party on Saturday to look forward to and his actual birthday on Sunday! Thanks again to the Bowens for hooking us up with all the free tickets! We owe you guys!



Sea World

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Dear Kate and Riley,
Let the birthday celebrations begin! What a fun surprise when our friends called us Friday night and said they had scored FREE tickets to Disneyland! I hadn't really had the intention of taking Zach when he was so young but when its free how could we resist? Besides, what better way to begin the birth-week celebration!? So Saturday morning we headed off to Disneyland thinking that since it was free we wouldn't feel bad to only stay a few hours. Zach and his friend Addie held up really well though and we didn't end up leaving the park until 9! I have to admit it was more fun for the parents than the kids but I do think Zach enjoyed people watching (and BOY was there people watching, we came on Gay Day '08!), running around, and the few rides he went on.

I found out the hard way that the body just isn't quite the same post kids. I hadn't been to Disney in over three years and well, lets just say that a roller coaster has a different sort of effect on me than it used to. I did make it through space mountain, tower of terror and California screamer, but not necessarily with the joy that they once held for me. And although I did not pee my pants, I am pretty sure I came dangerously close. I love Disney at Halloween time with all the cute decorations and it was the perfect day for Zach to wear his cute pumpkin sweater that I scored at last year's post Halloween sales for super cheap (and I remember thinking at that time, "he'll NEVER be this big!"). It was a great day all around and the best part was that we were able to apply the cost of our tickets to annual passes and got them for about the cost of coming to Disney one more time so I'm sure there will be many future Disneyland trips (at least in the next year).


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My English Teacher dream come true

Five Silly Monkeys! (see his hand, he's doing the motions)

Dear Kate and Riley,
If there was one thing I looked forward to when I thought of having kids it was reading with them. Some of my best memories of my childhood are of being read to. Mostly by my dad. We loved it when he read Dr. Seuss to us. I was so excited for the chance to share my love of reading with my own kids.

I was disappointed, to say the least when Zach seemed to have NO interest in books (hmm, maybe he has my temper but he seems to be dad in every other way!). All he ever wanted to do was EAT the books. I kept trying though and recently he's finally discovered a love for books! His favorite book is the Five Little Monkeys book. He does the hand motions and everything and he loves the book because it has little monkey faces on it that he can feel. If I start singing the song he will stop whatever he's doing and bop up and down and start doing the hand motions. It is just my favorite thing when I find him with his books or when he brings a book to me and will sit in my lap and snuggle while I read to him.

On Monday I found him on the landing of the stairs where I had piled all the books we had brought to church on Sunday. he sat back there for at least 20 min just reading his little books and talking to himself. It was the cutest thing!


Oh hey, what are you doing here and why are you flashing that thing in my face?