Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Monster Jam

Dear Kate and Riley,
A few years ago, actually just a few days before Brady was born, we made our first venture into the world of Monster trucks. The boys were hooked (well I'm guessing Brady was hooked in utero). We missed out last year but this year Dad took the boys with a big group of buddies to the show. I didn't mind being left behind one bit. I hooked up with another mom with boys for dinner and puttered around Target for an hour (my kind of night!). The boys had a blast. We've been having Monster Jam in our living room ever since.

They got to go early to see the monster trucks up close

Dad said the boys thought it was so funny to stick their heads into the giant tires and yell

Of course Brady had to copy the big boys

The show. We were smart this time and bought ear phones for the boys, last time I spent the entire time covering Zach's ears with my hands.


Thursday, February 02, 2012

Last Utah Post!

Dear Kate and Riley,
It's the day before Brady's birthday and I'm finally going to wrap up the Utah Christmas posts!

We spent a day at the Zoo with Summer, Ali and Cadence. It was cold but fun and just the right size zoo for our kids.

3 little monkeys!

The kids named this monkey the Papa Ross monkey and thought they were SO funny

Looking at the Papa Ross monkey

Brady liked the giraffe

The only shot I got of Cadence, the back of her head.

This was mostly a Hansen trip but we did get to spend some time with the O'Farrells. We hung out one night at Uncle Andrew's and played games and we went back to Classic Skate for Ashton and Braden's birthdays.

Hanging out with cousins

Playing DS

Silly girls playing games

More Classic Skate

Aunt Amy is the best. She pushed Brady around that track 100 times. He loves Aunt Amy so much he cried for like 10 minutes for her when we left that night. He still says all the time, Aunt Amy house? I guess he wants to go back, maybe dad and I need to go on another trip!

One day it was supposed to be really "warm" so we went to a park. It turned out to be FREEZING but the park was really cool so we stuck it out for a while.

And, just for fun, a shot of Uncle Bret. Everyone loves Uncle Bret and he is a trooper always having to sit in the back seat between carseats! (we're glad that Uncle Bret goes to BYU so he was forced to shave and get a haircut before school started again)

And that's it! I can't believe we were in Utah so much this year, I can't imagine that we'll ever do Thanksgiving AND Christmas again but it was really fun, it is always fun to be with cousins. I can't believe that in a few weeks we'll officially be the ONLY ones who don't live in Utah (on either side) except for Papa Ross and Grandma Janice. It makes me a little sad that no one else has seen the light but it also makes me feel like everyone will have to come visit us!