Friday, October 29, 2010

Zachary Updates!

Dear Kate and Riley,
In continuing with the catch up theme we have a lot of Zachary updates!


Started preschool

Turned 3!

Zachary is SO much fun right now and can be a handful. He talks. Oh, does he ever talk. He is very articulate and he really just never stops talking, singing, or just making noise of some kind. He LOVES his baby brother, he loves his buddies, he loves preschool, the gym and gymnastics. He does NOT love being forced to sit still for any amount of time, being asked to be quiet, or being told he can't do something.

He loves "Cars" and "Thomas the Train" and I LOVE to listen to him play pretend with them. He is into acting out elaborate scenarios with them and I love when he repeats with his cars things I've said to him.

He repeats EVERYTHING I say to him so I'm learning to be more careful! My favorites in the past little while are--
while getting him dressed one day-- "Mom, I don't have TIME for this!"
to Brady-- "You're killin' me!"
to me-- "I"m so mad at you right now Mom. Don't talk to me like that"
me-- "Like what?"
"like you're mad"
to Dad-- "No way, Jose!"

We love our Zachary, he makes us laugh every single day.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disneyland and Sea World

Dear Kate and Riley,

Still catching up...
Our Disneyland passes were unblocked so we have been able to go back a few times, but not many pictures!

We were also able to spend a Sat. at Sea World with the Carlsons

Loving their popsicles. Zach apparently doesn't share his mother's sensitive teeth as he just bit right through the whole popsicle!

The boys favorite place-- the big bounce house. Zach was asking about it from the second we got there.

Love this picture! Best buddies. Not sure about the hand on the leg but seirously so cute, these two love each other.

So this is sad but the only picture I had from Disneyland of Brady was exactly the same (same outfit and everything) I swear we take the kid out of the stroller sometimes!


Too cool

There, see, we do take him out of the stroller!

Brady Turned 8 months

Dear Kate and Riley,

In other catch up news, Brady turned 8 months (a while ago).

--He is officially crawling. First army crawl but now the full on speedy crawl all over the house
--Pulling up onto his knees but not to standing, yet (but I think its soon)
--So vocal! I love his jabbering but sometimes it is so loud!
--Happy, happy, happy
--Working hard on those teeth (which is putting sleep back into a not so great place)
--Eating puffs and "num nums" (rice crackers) but gagging on anything else that's not totally pureed, no interest in anything with a little texture to it

Zach loves, loves playing with him and the other day after playing with him for a half hour on the floor he kept hugging him over and over and said to me "I love having a baby brother". And my heart melted! He always says "wait mom, I need to just play with Brady for a couple minutes". And whenever we're in the car without Zach, Brady cries the whole time.

Catch up!

Dear Kate and Riley,

I have SO much to catch up on. My laptop died thanks to a newly mobile Brady who unplugged it while in stealth mode and it decided to never start again. My desktop doesn't like blogger for some reason so I finally suckered Dad into bringing home his laptop from work so I could catch up a little!

In September--

Grandpa Great (aka Grandpa Hansen, aka Russel) passed away

We headed up to Salt Lake for the FOURTH time this year for his funeral. It was a beautiful event where my Aunt Kathy and my Dad spoke and gave wonderful talks remembering my Grandfather.

The things I'll always remember about my Grandfather--

-- his beautiful garden. I loved nothing more than to visit their back yard in the spring/summer when the flowers were blooming. To eat the pears (oh the pears), the apricots, the raspberries, the apples, I could go on. He worked so hard and carefully in that garden, he was just a worker.

--always reading, always had a book to talk about, always up on current events

-- waking up in the morning (I lived there one summer and spent many weekends there) to the sound of Grandfather playing his harmonica

--his TV commentary. Oh I don't know if any of my siblings or cousins share this memory (as I'm sure they do the others) but I thought watching TV with my Grandfather was an utterly amusing experience. He had these total no nonsense tell it as you see it comments about everything. I remember him talking about Kelly Ripa being so fat and pregnant, Oprah gaining weight, the terrible singers on American Idol. Maybe they are one of those "you had to be there" things but I loved watching tv with him. And I think i can thank my grandparents for my loves of both Amazing Race and Dr. Phil (although they watched him in his Oprah days not his own show days)

And really, my cousin, Megan who is much more eloquent than I am, said everything I wanted to on her blog so I'm copying it more so I have it here than because I think anyone else wants to read it! Just replace "my mother" for my Aunt Kathy and "my uncle Ross" for my Dad and I think you have it...

The service was wonderful and yet another reminder at how they give us each an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of life, and to bask in each other's company. I love my family. I am so thankful that we can pick up right where we left off (which happened to be only 8 weeks ago.) As the family walked into the service we were greeted with lovely harmonica music - a passion of my grandfathers'. My mother gave the eulogy and she was beautiful and eloquent. She told stories of my grandfather's hard upbringing and how he was able to shed a somewhat rough life and start a new one with my grandmother. He was a master gardener and we all obsessed over the fruits and vegetables that he would grow. He always had a book that he was reading - this obsession with reading stems from both my grandmother (who would like to come back in her next life as a librarian) and my grandfather. Following the eulogy, the grandchildren were coerced into singing - we did this ONLY because our grandmother requested it of us, and all said a silent prayer that the congregation would forgive us our singing shortcomings - I think everyone had a secret plan to just start crying so they could blame the Tone Def-ness on the tears.

My uncle Ross also spoke. He gave several wonderful stories and managed to even work a river-rafting story in complete with a nudist colony as one of the elements of the story. (It also occurred to me that he is similar to my Father-in-law when it comes to outings and NOVICES. "It's just a small _____ (insert torture of choice: hike, canoe, raft, walk, swim, biking) expedition." The next thing you know - you're scaling the side of a mountain...He quoted poetry a favorite in the Hansen family - where anything other than a degree in English - is ridiculous! He spoke of my Grandfather's favorite poem by Myrna Welch "The Touch of the Master's Hand". I'm sure that as everyone sat and listened to him, they also tried to see how much of the poem they could recall from memory - without having to turn the program over to check their lines. It's a status symbol to be able to throw down on the poems ya know. A sister in the ward sang "Goin' Home" and it was stunningly beautiful. It made me think who I could recruit for my own funeral to sing such sweet, beautiful, comforting lines to those in attendance. Funerals are like that - they make you reflect on your own. (Taylor and I have ours all planned out - I prefer Invictus for my poetry- Scatter Sunshine for my hymn - and we both would like a tasty machaca throw-down dinner to follow - in case anyone is interested.)

Thanks for letting me steal that Megan :)

I hope that you were there to greet your great Grandfather with open arms. I have visions of him gardening in a garden with no weeds and where the flowers always bloom.