Monday, November 22, 2010


Dear Kate and Riley,

As much as I just want to skip ahead to Christmas, I am determined I won't skip things like Bray's first Halloween! Even though with my laptop dead it takes HOURS for each blog post, I am determined to catch up so this kid will have a record of his first year.

For Halloween we had a party with preschool at our place, celebrated on Sat at the church first followed by some fun with the neighbors on Sun. Every time that we have pulled into the parking lot since the trunk or treat Zach says "Oh, its not Halloween here any more." I'm wondering how many Sundays in a row he's going to be disappointed! *I wrote that long time ago and the good news is he doesn't ask that any more!

Preschool costume parade

Zach and is preschool buddies

Zach and his buddy Ryan at the ward Trunk-or-Treat

Brady the bat

2nd year in a row as a pirate. Zach insisted and I had no problem not buying a new costume!
Don't touch my stash!

Out with the neighbors on Halloween

After trick-or-treating to a couple neighbors, we came back to our house and made marshmallow candy corns to put in our hot chocolate! It was such a fun little project.


(now let's see if we can catch up to Christmas!)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Dear Kate and Riley,
Still feeling behind but I'm hoping not much will happen between Halloween and Thanksgiving and I'll get a little break in here!

We like to head to the pumpkin patch by our house every year but until this year we've been able to get by with just walking around and looking at stuff. Not so this year, Zach wanted to do EVERYTHING. Thanks to some coupons we found we were able to do it for cheap but let me tell you, that place is making a killing on all the sucker parents like us!

We met up with a bunch of people from our ward but of course all Zach cared about was running around with his buddy, Will.

He talked about the big slide for like a week after

They were being SO goofy and having so much fun on this ride, laughing so hard and yelling at the guy every time they went past him.

He loved driving the tractor but was not the best driver, he kept running in to stuff!

More Halloween to come!


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Birthday

Dear Kate and Riley,

This year, when I turned 29 AGAIN (wow, that just keeps happening!) I decided to just take the day into my own hands. Aunt Jenny and Uncle Chris were here and I stole Jenny along with a few of my girlfriends and headed up to LA to see "Phantom of the Opera". We had a nice, quiet, childless dinner, saw a great musical (Raul was to die for) and then partied it up after with dessert at the W hotel. It was so much fun and definitely made me feel younger than my 29 again self. Dad was a trooper to get stuck with the kids pretty much all weekend but I really appreciated it!