Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting creative...

Dear Kate and Riley,
Your little brother is the busiest kid I have ever met. He is really NON stop. Plus he seems to get bored very easily these days. It makes my life challenging and keeps me on my toes. Whoever said that staying home all day doesn't work your brain certainly never had a kid like Zach. Today I was desperate to get him out of the house but knew there wasn't enough time to go anywhere before he needed to go down for his nap. Three tupperware containers, one wooden spoon and a faucet of water later we were having a blast. Why I didn't think of this three months ago is beyond me! I've been wishing a lot for a big Utah basement to play in but really on a beautiful November afternoon I wouldn't trade my 900 sq feet for a pile of snow even if it came with a basement!


How has that faucet just been sitting there all summer unused!?
Look at him, he's enthralled!

Even Bella got in on the fun

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 2008

Mmmm, candy corns!

Dear Kate and Riley,

What a fun Halloween! I remember that last year we couldn't even get Zachary to wake up and his costume was about 10 times too big for him. It was much more fun this year but still probably a little more for ME than it was for him.

We had some friends over on Thursday to carve pumpkins and I realized that our house just isn't really big enough for three very active one year olds! We still had a lot of fun though and it got us all in the mood for Friday. We headed to Disneyland for a few hours and then came home and met up with some of the neighbors for trick or treating. Zach didn't really get the concept and after dragging him away from two houses screaming (he didn't want to leave once he realized they were giving away free candy!) I decided it was a little pointless to do it this year so we went home and handed out candy. Zach would SQUEEL and RUN to the door every time it rang so that was a little bit more fun for him.


Pumpkin Carving day with friends (and I thought it was hard to get ONE baby to look at me!)

Disneyland with friend Addie


Isabelle had fun flashlights (which took Zach about 5 min to break)