Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're Back!

Dear Kate and Riley,
We just got back from our first big O'Farrell family trip with ALL of dad's family. We spent a week in Brian Head, Utah with all of dad's siblings, Grandpa Frank and Grandma Geri and all of your cousins from dad's side. It was a big, crazy group and we had a BLAST. We rented a great cabin for the week and spent time hiking, fishing and playing. Zach had a great time with his cousins, he got so much more confident with his crawling and was all over the cabin! He's impossible to contain now. He loved hiking in his luxury backpack (not sure that dad loved carrying him but it had to be better than the front pack). I loved seeing Bryce Canyon (so pretty!), staying up late playing fun games with the adults, and playing at the "danger park" with Aunt Stacy like I was a kid. It was great that there was no phone reception and no internet, just the fam. Grandma Geri graciously volunteered to babysit on Wed. so dad and I could go out and celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We kept it simple and went out for pizza but I was just happy that we both got to eat at the same time!
Dad's family is great and I feel blessed to have married into a family that I love so much. I'm so happy that Zach has so many great examples all around him. I wish you could be here to play with your cousins, I can only imagine how crazy it would be with you two and Camryn all together!
Sorry for the picture overload but I couldn't choose just a few!

Mom and Zach at Natural Bridge in Bryce

All the cousins at Cedar Breaks

Mom, Dad and Z in Bryce

Dad and Zach at Cedar Breaks (look at that smile, he loves the pack!)

How Zach spent most of the day at Bryce

Dad, Grandpa Frank and Zach
Talk about family resemblance!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Late Father's Day, and finally going forward

Dear Kate and Riley,
Yesterday was Father's Day and I'm sure you were wishing your dad a happy day. We had a low key day. I tried to make breakfast for dad which was kind of a disaster. Then before church Zach had a little light bulb moment of sorts and figured out how to crawl! It was exciting and I was happy daddy was home to see it too! But now I'm in big trouble and better start babyproofing this place, he is currently pulling cd's off of our shelf and pushing buttons on the cable box.

Last night I made dad dinner (which went over better than breakfast) and we just hung out for a low key night. We gave dad a golf game this week with his friend Wade.

Yesterday I walked by Zach's room while dad was rocking him and it was just the sweetest moment ever. Your dad is such an amazing dad and you two and Zach are all so lucky to have him. He is so great with Zach, watching them together is something that just brings me pure joy every time I see it. I feel like your dad never sees being a dad as a "chore" it isn't a question that he will take Zach at church and I get to sit in relief society alone, it wasn't a question if I could go on our girl's trip last month, I don't have to ask him to feed Zach dinner or rock him or anything, he just does it because he's the dad and that's what he does. He was definitely always meant to be a dad. It has made me love him even more than I did when I married him. He remembers you girls in our prayers every night and I love that too. So happy Father's Day to your wonderful dad!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

8 Months! And a new friend...

Dear Kate and Riley,
Today is Uncle Clint's birthday-- Happy Birthday Uncle Clint! Poor Clint is all alone studying for the bar exam while his family plays in Jackson.
Zach had a month birthday today too, he turned 8 months! I can't believe it. That seems so old!
I think a lot of things Zach does are cute, but none have sent me RUNNING for the video camera like the little show he put on today. I set him down in front of the big sliding mirror that is our closet door and he thought he had discovered a new friend! A new friend who copied everything he did. He was SO excited he was screaming and flapping his arms, making faces at himself, spitting, etc. Once I got the video camera it distracted him a little but I still got some cute moments.
I am going to work really hard to have something exciting to write about one of these days, I promise...

Love, mom