Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Utah Fun-- Classic Skate, Cotton Candy, Bowling

Dear Kate and Riley,
With the cold weather, we had to get creative to get the kids' energy out. We started at Classic Skate. Who knew it was so much more than just a skating rink? The place was super packed and stunk of b.o. and foot (seriously enough to make you gag), but the kids had a blast. Zach couldn't get enough of riding the scooter around in circles.

Brady loved the bounce house, especially because there was one just for little kids

Zach was a maniac on the skating rink

Uncle Chris and Aunt Jenny gave Uncle Clint and Aunt Kelli a cotton candy maker for Christmas. You put any hard candy in it and it makes cotton candy. We decided though that the only good flavor of cotton candy is... cotton candy. Boring, right? Everything else just tasted nasty (good thing the kids didn't care at all!)

We went bowling one morning but my camera died right when we got there. I had to make do with my phone. The kids had fun, I don't think any of them had ever been. I liked the ramp it made it more fun for the kids (with the ramp and the bumper, they did better than some of the adults!)

Still more to come...


Monday, January 30, 2012

More Utah-- Ensign Peak

Dear Kate and Riley,

I am running out of time to catch up before Brady's birthday. It wouldn't be a vacation with the Hansens without some frigid hiking! We decided to hike up Ensign Peak which was a perfect hike for the kids. Even Brady hiked most of it and was VERY proud of himself, declaring "HIKING!" the whole way. If it weren't for that darn inversion it would have been a pretty day too!


Cadence wasn't feeling well so she hitched a ride. Gotta love Uncle Clint's Russia hat (sparkly jewels on the side and all)

Zach and Summer

Aunt Kelli was so nice to sport her BYU letter jacket so I could wear her coat!

Uncle Bret is so cool

Ali and Cadence

Papa and Grandma Janice!

Brady only got a short ride, then he was back to hiking


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Utah Part 1-- Grandma Christmas

Dear Kate and Riley,
Hoping to catch up on all of my Christmas posting before we hit Brady's birthday!

We got in to Utah late on Christmas. The next morning we had a big breakfast and the kids got spoiled again by Grandma Janice and Papa Ross (well, let's be honest, by Grandma).

Cadence got a plasma car like Brady

Uncle Clint got this track to bring a little testosterone into the house (and get ready for baby boy). Our boys loved it.

Summer got more princess dress ups. A girl can never have enough!

Grandma Janice got a little camera

Brady got books and immediately had Papa Ross reading them.

Brady got a bunch of little animals which he loves to line up. They remind me of Uncle Bret because he had all the same animals when he was little!

Zach and Grandma Janice with the Batman submarine

Uncle Bret got ski gear (and scared all the kids)

We missed Aunt Jenny, Claire and Christian!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear Kate and Riley,
Christmas was a good one. Zach was asleep on our floor and I loved peeking at him as he woke up and snuck over to the window to look outside. I'm not sure what he was checking for, reindeer? a sleigh? But it was morning and he was SO excited. Last year we kept him at bay long enough for me to go downstairs, start breakfast, give Brady a bottle. But this year he was DYING. I managed to throw part of breakfast in the oven and get the video camera ready while he kept yelling "now!? now!?" Brady wasn't quite sure what was going on but the excitement was contagious so he got pretty riled up too.

The boys got a pretty good haul thanks to grandma and dad (who went a little overboard, I will NOT take credit for that this year!). We opened gifts, had a yummy breakfast of monkeybread and egg casserole and the boys played happily while I rushed around getting ready for our trip! Brady took an early nap and we were able to leave for church almost 100% ready for our flight. We had a beautiful sacrament service, I think there is nothing better than Christmas on Sunday. I got to sing in the choir so poor Dad had quite the job on his hands and didn't really make it through the whole meeting. Brady was pretty upset that I was on the stage and not with him. But I loved singing the Christmas songs, it was a special day.

As soon as we got home from Church we grabbed some snacks, finished packing and cleaning, said goodbye to most of the new Christmas toys and headed to the airport! The boys were great on the flight and I really appreciated getting to Utah in 1.5 hours over 12!

The loot

Zhu zhu pets. Brady is obsessed.

The big one-- a batcave from Grandma Janice and Papa Ross

Another good one from Grandma and Papa. The plasma scooter was a hit! Brady calls it "MY bike!"

A new car ramp. Another hit.

Goofy Zach

Church outfits. No family pics this year, no one to take them!

Superboys on the airplane. They were so excited and so cute.

I can't believe it's all over. It was a great Christmas.


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas Eve

Dear Kate and Riley,

I have really enjoyed that the past 3 Christmases we've been home in our own house with our own little family. But, I'll admit that the one night I get really lonely and wish we had family around is Christmas Eve. I just feel like Christmas Eve needs more people but it always seems like people have family around or have their own traditions. Last year we were all alone but we managed. This year the Murrays were super generous and invited us over. Which, considering the fact that they have 8 week old twins, was super nice of them to host Christmas Eve. We had a really fun and low key night. Zach was over the moon to find out he'd be with Tessa and Luke, two of his preschool buddies (we missed the Rogers who were home with sick kiddos).

First on the agenda, send kids and dads to the garage to construct candy sleds (think pinewood derby with candy)

Everyone was serious about this task. I wasn't out there much but I wonder how many times the kids tried to eat the candy.

After dinner the races began. The "track" was butcher paper on the stairs. The dads were a teensy bit competitive about this. The kids just thought it was cool.

We did several heats. I don't remember who won but I know it wasn't Zach.

Post races- back to the garage for cookie decorating which was great because we were worried what we were going to leave out for Santa.

The kids were all pretty serious about this task as well...

And proud of the results

It was a fun night and just what we needed to get ready for Christmas morning!