Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Continued...

Dear Kate and Riley,

Of course we couldn't let Easter go by without visiting the cemetery. We went on Sat. It is always interesting with your brothers. They don't get it really but Zach is starting to be more curious and try to understand. I know it will be a long time until he can understand that he has sisters in heaven but I'm happy he'll grow up knowing that. We talked a lot this year about Jesus and the resurrection and it was really neat to see him beginning to understand. Then when we were there I told them that just like Jesus, you would be resurrected one day and we would all get to be together as a family. I look forward to that day. I love you and you know that Easter has become one of my favorite days since we lost you.


This was so cute, we were about to leave and Zach asked if we would take a picture just of him. He even posed himself like that.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter Fun

Dear Kate and Riley,
This Easter seemed to just sneak up on us (even though it was late)! We were able to squeeze in some fun though. We had a fun little preschool easter egg hunt (no pictures) and we also were able to go a huge free egg hunt put on by one of the local churches. I had seen the "eggstraveganza" before and wondered who would be crazy enough to go to that but when I found out every single thing there was free-- bounce houses, food, egg hunts, face painting, etc. I decided we would brave the crowds. It was great! The kids had a blast and it was free, can't beat that!

We also had a little hunt at the park with some friends. So the kids got MORE candy than they could handle and we had fun.

Loving the bounce houses and yes that is "s" as in many. I think there were five or more bounce houses!

This kid missed his nap and the egg hunt for his age group. But he was a trooper. He hung out in the stroller and was happy! He's always good on the go.

Zach and Will checking out their loot. I am pretty sure I have some variation of this picture for the past three Easters.

They had to really fight the crowd but these boys got more than their share of eggs I'm sure

Thanks Compass Bible Church!

On Sat. we had our own little egg hunt with some friends from the ward...

The kids were anxious

Brady got in on the action this time

He was a little unsure of what to do (poor younger child, with Zach can you believe I actually PRACTICED with him before his first egg hunt!?)

We know Zach has had PLENTY of practice!

More Easter pictures to come...


Friday, May 20, 2011

First Hair Cut!

Dear Kate and Riley,

Well, poor little Brady made it quite a bit longer than Zach before needing his first real hair cut. He did have a little shave of the mullet when he was a tiny baby but his hair has just had a hard time filling in! I am really just kind of counting down until he's old enough that I can feel justified shaving it off like Zach, somehow though I feel like he has to be a little bit older (or bigger) first.

Before-- excited to be in the rocket ship

During-- get this thing off of me!

After-- handsome and enjoying his first sucker (which he made a HUGE mess with!)

We love our little Brady!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wild Animal Park

Dear Kate and Riley,

Zach had "spring break" from preschool and I decided we should do something fun. We were lucky enough to round up some friends to go with us to the Wild Animal Park which apparently has changed it's name to the Zoo Safari Park (what!?). We had a blast with all the boys and I was surprised at how many comments with got with our huge strollers and our brigade of boys.

Thank goodness I had thrown in Zach's swim suit just in case because he peed his pants within 20 min of us getting there. I felt bad because he said he tried to find me (we were at the playground) but I had wandered away to find one of Brady's missing shoes

All of our boys and our giant strollers

They loved the tram

Zach is still reminding me how we saw the big elephant pee and poo, apparently it was the highlight of the day

It was fun to be with our buddies!