Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cousins' Weekend

Dear Kate and Riley,
We had been talking about doing a trip with the girl Hansen cousins for a while but just hadn't made it happen. I decided it needed to happen before this baby came and Megan had the great idea that we should escape over Mother's Day weekend. I mean what better gift to the moms than a weekend off? Since I was the only non-Arizonian who could make the trip I decided to fly out to Phoenix and we spent the weekend in Scottsdale.

It was a super fun weekend full of eating awesome food, getting an amazing prenatal massage and spending an entire day at the spa, talking, talking and more talking, more eating and plenty of sleeping. Everything a mom needs for a weekend off. I only wish it had been a day or two longer. I love that all of us girls can laugh and have so much fun together and different as our lives have turned out we still have so much in common. Hopefully we'll make it a tradition and hopefully the missing cousins can come next year.

The flight to Phoenix was my first flight without kids in at least 3 years. Even with delays it was great.
Our best Amanda impersonations since she wasn't there

Fanciest movie theater ever.


Ami and I enjoying our virgin drinks by the pool