Saturday, August 20, 2011

OC Fair

Dear Kate and Riley,
Back to "normal" blogging. The summer is speeding by. I never get to take pictures of our every day activities because with two crazy runners on my hands there is just no way to take pictures at the same time.

Last year we skipped the fair but this year we knew it was time to head back. A bunch of Zach's buddies and their dads got tickets to the demolition derby so the moms and babies decided we'd join them for a few rides and some food and then let the boys have their fun. Turns out the fair just isn't the best place for an 18 month old. Poor Brady was stuck in his stroller watching Zach go on rides that he was too little to go on. We didn't last long but it was just about the right amount of fair time for me anyway. And I got to try some deep fried kool aid. It was actually pretty good.

Happy in the stroller for a few minutes!

Waiting in line, feeling unsure (doesn't he look like such a big boy?)

Zach giving himself a fist pump for conquering the big slide

Brady got a turn, I'm still not sure if he even liked it!

These two were such goof balls. They love each other so much it is adorable.

He had been asking me for like two days before if he could go on the bumper cars. I was glad he was tall enough. Round one though he couldn't really figure out how to get it to move. We were standing on the side yelling, "Push the red thing with your foot!" he didn't move far but didn't seem to care much.

Love these 3, getting ready to ride the roller coaster. I was glad that they were big enough to ride alone. Two years ago Nicole and I (I was pregnant) had to ride WITH them and this ride was NOT made for adult size bodies.

I love their faces!

We took Brady and Lily over to the petting zoo, thinking that was where we could safely let them out of their strollers. Brady was not too excited.

He did eventually try petting a pig but he was never super in to it

Round 3 (or 4 or 5?) he had it all figured out. I don't even want to know how much money we spent on bumper cars that night.

The demo derby was with motor homes. And FYI, every one of his cars now is a motor home. As is our minivan.

I love the intensity. He told me his motor home won.

The boys being silly

They got to stand around the trophy and take pics. I love that Zach is so genuinely happy.

I love that Zach and Aaron got in some good father/son time. He hasn't stopped talking about it since. He will keep randomly telling me "mom I had fun at the fair!"


Monday, August 15, 2011

SF part 2

After our day of being tourists we got a babysitter and went out for the evening sans kids. We had some FABULOUS pizza, even if we did have to wait 3 hours for it and some yummy ice cream. Unfortunately Aaron was feeling really sick and didn't get to enjoy the evening much.

This picture is terrible, I have the worst roots! But it is the only proof of our date night, we stopped at the painted ladies, the "Full House" park for a photo op.

The next day we headed out to Muir Woods which is just outside the city and is a real redwood forest. It was really cool! The kids liked running around.

They were so tall!

Henry and Zach

Climbing in the hollow log

This tree was so big we could have stood inside

Brady insisted on walking instead of being in the stroller. He also still thinks that since I crouch down to take his picture, he should also crouch down. He does that and says "Cheese!"

And the best lesson of the day: this is what happens when you don't listen to your parents, you fall off the path into stinging nettle!

After Muir Woods we decided to hit the road. After some debate we decided to take the 1 down the coast home. I'm glad we did, since I'm not sure that we'd have another opportunity to do it ever and it was very beautiful. I did, however, get pretty sick from all the winding roads and although we thought we were safe since the kids had slept most of the way, when we stopped for the night in San Luis Obispo Zach threw up ALL over the hotel room bed. It wasn't exactly the most fun night.

Beautiful views from the 1

Other SF memories that were not photo documented:
1. Pie shakes. no joke. They take a HUGE slice of pie, shove it into a blender with ice cream and viola, a very delicious and calorie laden shake.
2. Running. Liz and I went on some AWESOME runs through Golden Gate park, down to the coast, etc. It was so beautiful and I loved getting a running tour of the city.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

San Francisco part 1

After Tahoe we headed over to San Francisco to visit Liz and her fam. I had never been to San Francisco before so it was so fun to explore and to have such a great tour guide (who understands how 3 year olds work!)

We were NOT prepared for the weather in San Fran! It was freezing and so cloudy and windy by the bridge. I don't think we ever saw the whole thing, we saw the top and the bottom but never the middle.

Golden Gate Bridge

The highlight of the trip for Zach was definitely the Seward slides. They were these big concrete slides built into the hillside just right in the middle of a neighborhood. There was a bunch of cardboard laying around from other people which helped you go really fast. Zach spent the first 10 min crying that he didn't want to go down and then next 30 min telling us it was the best thing he'd ever done. We had to drag him away.

Brady got in on the fun (and I ruined my shoes trying to make us go slow!)

Hank was a pro

Zach and Hank liked racing

I really wanted a pic by O'Farrell street but Aaron refused to park so we pulled over and took a fast picture. I don't think you can really see it!

I can't remember the name of this street, it's famous for being really windy (not windy wind-y as in it winds all the way down, how do you spell that?)

We also went down the steepest street but the pictures weren't very impressive so you'll just have to trust me on that one.

We went down to the Ferry Building where we had delicious cheese, bread and milk from the creamery. It was fun but Zach was not in a mood for pictures.

We took the street car down to Fisherman's Wharf where the sea lions had apparently left for the summer! There were a few hanging out but I don't think we got them in the picture.

Riding the street car (they were cheaper and less crowded than the trolley cars and our kids still thought they were cool)