Friday, August 03, 2012

Palm Springs

Dear Kate and Riley,
Of course I am super behind on blogging. I'll blame it on the move and the pregnancy. I decided that we needed to have a family vacation that was just our little family. We love traveling to see cousins and grandparents but I think it's important to spend time with just us. We took a long weekend and went out to Palm Springs. Although it is not really a vacation for mom and dad to be out of town with the boys we all had fun. The boys played nicely and loved the pool at the hotel and having their own room.

The boys love the slide at the hotel. Brady was nervous after going down alone and face planting but by the last day he was going down on his own and loving it. Of course I didn't get any pics of that.

Frozen go-gurts are the best treat

We were trying to be somewhat budget friendly so instead of going to the movies we rented a DVD, let the kids each pick out some candy from WalMart and pulled out the sofa bed in the condo. The boys thought it was great.

The first day we were there it wasn't that hot. So I had the great idea that the next day we should go do something in the morning. We headed to the "Living Desert" which is a sort of lame zoo with animals that can actually survive in the Palm Springs heat. It turned out to be REALLY hot but the boys still thought it was cool, especially this huge model train town. They would have watched it all day but there was no shade around and their poor pregnant mom was dying.

The hotel had a little putter course set up that the boys loved

The hotel had a movie at the pool one night but they forgot to factor in the fact that you couldn't see the movie while it was still light. Kind of strange but still fun.