Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Brady Turns 1!

Dear Brady,
Oh, Brady, Brader-ator, the Brad-ster, Boogie, Buggy, Snuggle Puppy. I can't even begin to say how you've changed our lives. You are the baby who made me fall in love with the newborn stage (and actually believe I can do it again--someday). You are the one that Zach RUNS to greet in the morning-- "no mom, don't open the door, let ME open the door. GOOD MORNING BUGGY!" You are such a light and joy in this family. You make us laugh every day. You are so easy going and it is so fun to watch you learn and grow. You have also taught me to cherish every single second because it goes by WAY too fast. You are such an important part of our family and this year went by in a blink.

Brady at One--
19.3 lbs-- holding strong at the 10th percentile (5 lbs less than Zach at the same age!)
30-something inches (ok I wasn't listening at his appt!) 55th percentile (not too shabby for how skinny he is!)

Not walking at one year, still crawling but walking as of this post (just a few weeks after his birthday)
First word-- Bella (the dog's name!)
Best friend-- Zachary and Bella (the dog)
Favorite foods--- broccoli, anything Zach is eating
Favorite toys-- hammer from the toy tools, magnetic fishing game, doctor kit toys, mom's phone
Favorite things-- blankies, binky
Other fun things about Brady-- he LOVES brushing his hair, any time we're in the bathroom he'll point and yell until I give him a brush and then he'll brush his hair. Its too cute. He is mostly happy. He's still not the best sleeper. He loves the bath. He HATES having his diaper changed or getting dressed. He can throw a heck of a tantrum for a one year old (we think he had a pretty good example in the house!)

We love you Brady!


the ever present hammer

getting in to trouble

enjoying a little birthday pizza

Zach was so excited about the birthday hats

he was a little unsure about pizza

but he had no problem getting in to the cupcake

he really went to town on the cupcake! I think he felt like he was getting away with something naughty.

Opening presents (or more like Zach opening presents FOR him). I was kind of surprised he kept that hat on!

a giant "Chuck" truck (which Zach seems to think is his now)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

St George-- more hiking

On Sunday, everyone left except Papa Ross, Grandma Janice and us. It was nice to spend some one one time with them since the kids don't get to do that much. We decided to go for another hike since it was so "warm"-- about 30.

This hike was in a different canyon, it was pretty and there was a river which was partially frozen and really cool.

Grandma Janice was really sick most of this trick but she finally started to feel better the last day

It was warmer, I think I only had 4 layers on instead of 5

Grandma was brave skating across the ice.
I want to add that my fear DID come true to some extent and Papa Ross ended up with a foot in the freezing cold water when he broke through the ice. I was just glad it was him and not Zach!

The pictures don't really do it justice, it was so pretty

There was a little waterfall (and yes it scared me to death that he was standing on this rock in the middle of the river!)

Zach loved hiking through the "cave"

And that was our trip to St. George! We were SO happy to return to CA, even if it was raining.