Saturday, April 30, 2011

Play time and More Snow!

We spent a lot of time in Utah playing outside. I did start to feel the boys are slightly deprived without a yard or a cul de sac but I decided the beach makes up for it.

Uncle Clint and Bret were playing lacrosse in the street and Zach said "mom, I want to play that net ball game"

Uncle Bret pulled all the kids around the yard on the sled which they thought was great

The kids tried to give Uncle Bret a turn but couldn't get him to budge. It was pretty cute to watch them try though.

leaping off the big rock

Brady wanted in on the action

Brady and Uncle Bret

It snowed more on Sunday morning and since we can't seem to escape 1pm church even when we leave town, Uncle Clint took the kids outside for a fun morning in the snow. Zach was so excited to build a miniature snowman and Brady was just as excited to knock it down.

I know they weren't really talking but I love that it looks like they are in a deep conversation

working on their snow man and snow turtle

Brady was unsure of the snow, he didn't know if he could walk in it

building the mini snow man, notice Zach eating snow again

And that sums up our Utah trip!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Shower

And the reason we were in Utah in the first place... Aunt Jenny's Baby Shower!

It was so fun and we had a good turn out. It was a little stressful planning a shower from a different state but it turned out really well. Alisa was SO generous to let us use her house which took a lot of the stress off me.

I am so bummed I forgot to take a picture of the table when all the food was on it! It was super cute. I was proud of my rosette tissue ball, my only attempt at all to be crafty. I also missed a picture of the cute sign that said It's A Girl! You will just have to trust me that it was cute.

Jenny scored some cute stuff

Tiffany (who in my mind will always be like 5!) and Grandma Wiggins

The Packs-- Houston friends who live in Utah now so it was really fun to see them

Christian's mom made this beautiful quilt, the back is checkered minky, I've never even seen that! It is amazing and I'm going to have to beg her to make me a quilt for my next baby. She also took the fabric from the table runner and helped Jenny make a nursing cover! So cool!

This kid was supposed to be napping, but once he figured out there was a party going on he wanted no part of napping.

Jenny and Aunt Kelli

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Utah continued...

Brady liked having a partner in crime, however, Cadence wasn't so sure about Brady, he was a little pushy (older brother influence?) and tended to just push her right over.

How sweet is that face?

Auntie Brooke was a bad influence on Cadence

We have too many cousins to all fit in the bath together any more! So we had little cousin bath time.

It snowed one day and Zach was so excited. But when he got outside all he did was eat the snow!

Still eating it! The purple jacket was courtesy of Summer and Ali. He was sad after his nap when the snow was all gone.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

"Spring" trip to Utah

Utah... in parts

Dear Kate and Riley,
Some day, yes some day, I think we'll get to go on a trip that is not in the state of Utah. But, not yet. This "spring" (I put that in quotes because it was HARDLY spring where we went) I decided that the boys and I would ditch Dad for a few days, let him put in some real tax season hours guilt free and head to Uncle Clint and Aunt Kelli's for a week of cousin time.

We actually started out at Uncle Andrew's where we were limited to a short visit because they were leaving town. Aunt Stacy was so nice to let us crash at her house and feed us all the day she was trying to get ready to leave on a trip. I'm sure she was overwhelmed but we were grateful to get a chance to see some of the O'Farrells on our mostly Hansen trip.

We loved visiting with cousins and the highlight was getting to throw Aunt Jenny a baby shower. We are so excited for our newest cousin, but we sure wish someone besides us would start having some boys!

I braved my first solo flight with 2 kids. We had one very successful and relatively easy flight out and one nightmarish and embarrassing flight back. Oh well, we're 50/50 I guess.

I also got a chance to visit with Michelle (not long enough) and felt sad and old when we ran into a friend of hers and she introduced me as "my old college friend" and we realized it had been 13 years since we had first met in the dorms! Strange because I don't feel much older and only slightly more mature.

Andrew and Stacy's: days 1-2

Sklyer had this super cool basketball hoop in the basement. Zach wanted nothing more than to follow Skyler around and play basketball with him. All the kids fought over who got to be Jimmer! It was hilarious and slightly annoying.

The kids had a blast. They even slept under that basketball hoop! And Zach hasn't stopped talking about it.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Our First ER Visit

Dear Kate and Riley,

Well, I knew that with two boys it was only a matter of time until we had our first ER visit. However, I thought it would be a Buzz-inspired leap off the coffee table or a McQueen-inspired race that would send us there. Not the neighbor's dog.

Zach got an unfortunate (and definitely un-warranted he wasn't teasing the dog at all or even looking at it) bite on the face from our neighbor (and friend's) big dog. It was a fatal mistake for the dog, unfortunately, as this wasn't his first strike. Zach was a very brave boy, really I was so impressed with how brave he was because I know he was very scared. I have to say, I was also pretty impressed with how calm and put together I was (although I had a minor melt down after it was all over and he was in bed!). It really wasn't that bad all things considered. We were lucky that it wasn't closer to the eye. Three little stitches and he was in ship shape. Getting to play games on my phone and the sticker drawer they let him raid after led to the comment as we were walking out of the ER, "Mom, that place was so fun!" which made everyone laugh and the doctor call after us "Come back any time!" uh, no thanks!

I took him for ice cream for dinner since we had missed it and he told me a few more times what a fun night he had. One thing about Zach, he is the most positive, optimistic kid you'll ever meet. He's so enthusiastic about life and he really thinks everything is so cool. So really, he even found a positive spin on getting bit in the face. He was excited to show all his preschool buddies his stitches. Really, I'd say getting them removed a few days later was more traumatic.