Friday, February 15, 2013

Luke's Month One Highlights

Luke's First month

I thought that since I'm behind 4 months,  I can try to jot down some highlights from each month. Month one-- he was born which was a biggie, haha. The first month was rough. I'd say overstimulated may be the word to describe his first month. I really can't imagine coming from the peaceful darkness of the womb into this insanely loud family. It was a rough transition for this sweet one. Other than needing to be held a lot and needing to be rocked to sleep and not sleeping as much as he should have, the first month was relatively uneventful. He is a good nurser and gained well. No jaundice or other issues. Just an adjustment period.

The best line from Luke's first month was from Brady, who is obsessed with his baby brother, "Wuke! Baby Wukie! Come here, I feed you!" I about died laughing.

We love our little Lukie!


megan said...

wow he looks just like hansen

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